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                                          Pool Bingo

Andy has designed a unique game which runs along side the exhibition called 'pool bingo' which keeps everyone involved throughout as there are cash prizes to be won. By buying a pool bingo card the spectator will be hoping to see the blackball pot in the pocket they have marked on their pool bingo card, and so by circling that number on their card, as per the normal bingo style, that person then hopes to get the most numbers circled and win the cash prize. With everyone having different numbers it creates a fantastic atmosphere with people continually shouting out the number they are hoping for.  A full briefing is given before hand but its actually a very simple concept but incredibly effective entertainment.


                                     An example

Each exhibition can vary as the event organiser has a better idea of how much to charge for the different aspects. A typical example is as follows:

20 challenge spaces  £5 each = £100                                                                                  

150 Pool Bingo cards at £2 each = £300

The Prizes

The prizes for the pool bingo game will be dictated by how much you sell your cards for. Whatever funds raised are given out as prizes and this will add to a great night for the winners.

Any of the challengers who beat Andy in there games will also get a free Pool DVD of their choice

It's your exhibition so its up to you how much you want to sell the Bingo cards or challenge spots for. These exhibitions have been really successful and this is mainly due to the fact that they are so easily achievable and create a great atmosphere and an enjoyable fun evening getting everyone involved, you don't need to love pool to have a great time!


If you have any questions have a look at the next page which is frequently asked questions. Make sure you view the pool bingo video in the videos section so Andy can talk you through it.



Its actually very simple but watch the pool Bingo Video just to be sure. The Video can be seen HERE

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