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by Donna Evans of CCI on 13.7.10




Hi Andy , i am going to do some quickfire questions so we can get an idea of your background and life in general.

Are you married with children? Yes married to Joanne and have two sons Louis 8 and Alfie 2. I also have 2 foster daughters Courtney 7 and Elyssa 4.

Wow sounds like a busy house, when do you get time to practice? I dont really , other than an afternoon before a tour event. Leading up to the Worlds i might step it up a bit.

Has it always been like that ? No not at all , i used to do 2 hours a day minimum but i think you get to a point where you have learned how to play, for me match practice is the key now. Its pointless hitting balls around. When i play on the tour if i get past the nerves of the first round or two i know my game will come out then and i will get going. No amount of practice can change that. Its about getting my head right more than my game i suppose.

So what do you do instead of practice? Usually anything Joanne wants me to do to store up enough brownie points to go away. With such a big family i have had to be very selective about what i play in and somethings have had to give.

Such as? Well i quit playing for Wales last year but felt i had to have one last go at it. I grew up in the Welsh valleys and am very passionate about my Welsh heritage. I couldnt finish with that Australia match so had one last shot at it this year.

What happened against the aussies? We had a great team, all playing well and from 10-6 up we lost 11-10 and should of won all 5 of those frames. I didnt play in those frames and actually put us on 10 but watching it was just horrible.

But this year went better? Well yeah we got one step further but lost again in the final 8-4 to England. I really wanted to finish my international playing days as a winner but it wasnt to be. This time i was one of players that lost a bad frame and my last shot of playing for Wales was putting the white in the middle.

So is that really it for you now then? Well never say never but definately for a few years at least. I am close to most of the team and its hard to think of them going to battle and me not there, but the world championships is 11 days and thats too long to be away from home.

But you had a good run in the singles also this year? Yes thats right , i have always underperformed in the singles events at international tournamnents. I put absolutely everything into the team and am usually very flat when it comes to singles. It frustrates me because on the tour i get the results but team pool can ruin your game. I guess thats why so many of the top players stopped playing in the team event.

So why was this year any better? Well its hard to say. I had a tough first game but just stayed solid. Then i had a comfortabel match which i won 7-2. But the next game was a real test of my character. I went 4-0 down and came back to win 7-5. This put me through to friday but in my first game on that day i was 3-0 down again and looking like going 4-0 but i just dug so deep and came through 8-5. Then i played my team mate Oly Bale whose game i know inside out and always felt confident and beat him 8-4 to get to the last16.

I heard this was a great match? I guess it was but i lost 8-7 to get through to the quarter finals so not that great for me.

What was the story of the game? Well basically i was playing number 5 seed Lee Clough who i have a good record against over the years. He went 4-0 up but i just thought to myself that i have not done all that work to get there to just roll over against a seed. I then played some of my best pool of my life to lead 6-5 and looked a cert for 7-5 but he pulled off a full length double to steal that frame. A clearance each later and it was 7-7. I was in trouble , snookered and hit out at my one bad ball and fluked it . I was  left with 2 balls and after potting one in the corner i then slow rolled my last ball to the middle, but it turned slightly ,maybe with the nap , but just enough to catch the jaw and roll around the pocket. I would of been left with an unmissable black so was absolutely devostated to see Lee progress.

Still losing to a top 8 seed is not all that bad? No i am sure i would of took that performance before going there. But he only had to play one game to get to that match against me and i had to play 5. The format is a joke in my opinion.

So what else have you given up then? Well i was starting to get into 9ball. But to learn a new trade which in my opinion it is, would of required far more time and commitment than i have to offer. So its on the back burner for now but i hope to go back to it one day as i have all the equipment and the belief that i could do well at it.

Ok so away from pool give us a few facts about you, Lets start with your favourite film? So hard to choose just one , i absolutely love my movies but search a little harder than most people to find what i like. If i had to suggest one to watch it would be 'a bitter sweet life'. Its a korean gangster movie but ultra stylish.

Favourite T.V Show ? Got to be the Sopranos

Favourite Album? Again so hard to pick one , i love damien rice , radiohead, kooks, mumford and sons, marina and the diamonds. list goes on. I guess OK Computer is hard to beat though.

Favourite song? Well right now i would have to choose track 11 off mumford and sons album. its called dust bowl dance and it doesnt matter how many times i hear it i get the goosebumps, its really that powerfull.

Which football team do you support? Liverpool, used to watch them more when i lived in Wales than i do now  i live in Liverpool.

Why not Bangor or Wrexham? Cause they are rubbish

What about when Wales plays England? Oh thats easy, whichever sport it is i always want Wales to win. Especially the rugby.

Ok Andy well i think we have enough there so thanks for your time and all the best with the hectic family life and the busy pool career.


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