Andy Macdonald


Andy is now established as one of the industries leading entertainers performing in pubs,clubs, trade shows and a variety of other environments throughout the U.K and abroad. The exhibitions are good light hearted fun, giving players of all standards the opportunity to play a professional pool player. 

Andy has a choice of different exhibition formats for you to choose from.

Pool Bingo - A unique patented game that is especially designed to involve the crowd in the evening and help create a fantastic atmosphere. Its also creates cash prizes to be won and offers the venue an opportunity to make some of the exhibition free. Its a bit of work selling the Bingo cards leading up to the event but its well worth it. More details HERE

'Beat the Pro' Challenge - A straight forward and fun evening (or afternoon) offering players of any standard the opportunity to play a professional pool player. Other than making the booking there is not much for the landlord or organizer to do other than establishing a list of challengers on the night who are ready to give it a go!

Team Challenge - Create a team of any size and let them take Andy on in a one on one format. With Andy's digital scoreboard you can keep track of how your team is getting on in a best of 25 all 25 frames played). You could run qualifiers to see who is in the team or simply hand pick it. It could be the local pool team or any combination of local players or even none players. Very easy to put together at short notice

Corporate - Andy has done lots of work with national chains such as Riley's and the Bierkeller. Any sort of exhibition can be put together and tailor made to suit the venue. Typically these would be 'beat the pro' theme evening/days. More details HERE

Charity - Andy is very proud of the charity fund raising he has done in the past. His chosen charity is Alder Hey children's hospital in Liverpool. If you are interested in an exhibition evening/day and would also like the opportunity to help support Andy's charity then please see further details HERE


 Exhibition Extras 

There are additions you may wish to consider, if your budget permits to enhance your exhibition even further.

Charlie Hale - Professional Compere. Video


Michaela Tabb - Professional Referee


Exhibition Arena - See above   





Disco Dave - Jamie is his real name and he can set up lights, music, smoke and make an evening even more entertaining, even introducing the players for you. Great value too! 



There is also the option of hiring additional players if you think that may be something you would be interested in. Andy has excellent working relationships with many of the games other top players and is happy to work along side them. The players you could select from include

Mick Hill - 3 x World Champion

Chris Melling 2 x World Champion, China Open winner

Jason Twist - 2 x World Champion

Simon Ward - 4 x Welsh Open winner

Wayne Smith - National Trickshot Champion 

There is a video on the video page if you want to see some of the extras and how they can add to an event. To make a booking simply send us an email at and once a date and package has been established we just require a £50 deposit to secure the date.