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        Andy  is now available to be booked for private 8 ball pool coaching lessons and courses. Andy is happy to help players of all standards and guarantees an improvement in your game. Andy can work on all aspects of your game and will liaise with you to establish the areas you need to work on the most. The Coaching takes place at a specially designed pool room in Roby, Merseyside 

" What a massive difference working with Andy has made to my game. I am so much more confident now"          Rob Jones

" I did a 3 day intensive course with Andy and he identified all my weaknesses very quickly and then had some fantastic ways to improve on them. Well worth every penny" Chris Small

"Andy seems to have an incredible understanding of the game and i learnt so many things that i have implemented into my game, i am sure i am a better player now and enjoy the game more because of that" Gavin Roberts

 Andy has some unique training aids, ideas and methods to his coaching which help to rapidly speed up the process of improvement. These include a specially weighted cue and cue with a spring built in to it to establish why you are not cueing strait on certain shots. 

Coaching can now be booked and is agreed via email for a time slot. How it works is you can request between 1 and 4 hours. All coaching sessions must be booked  two weeks in advance, and coaching is between 10 am and 7pm on Wednesdays and Fridays. If neither of these days are possible then occasionally a Saturday slot can be found but rarely available.

I hope this helps, feel free to suggest a date within the above guidelines and i will confirm via email if that booking can be made. Please note that as coaching slots are not readily available i only give one customers one opportunity and if they fail to turn up for a session i won't offer another opportunity. I literally have far more requests for coaching than i am able to honour and for this reason i will only work with and try to help committed individuals. Coaching sessions must start and therefore finish on time so as to not keep the next customer waiting. I hope you understand and that i can help you become a better pool player. All prices are listed on the website, payment is made in cash at the start before the session starts. I look forward to receiving your coaching session requests and working with you 

To arrange your course or to enquire email andy@poolexhibitions.com   



Watch the Coaching introduction here 


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